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Four Corners AA Group

AA was born in the 1930’s by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. The first 30 years of the fellowship saw an average recovery rate of 75-95%. In the past 30 years, that recovery rate has diminished to under 10%. AA has experienced changes which have caused great damage and death to many alcoholics and addicts. The basic reason for the now abysmal averages stems from the fellowship’s move towards “self help” versus strictly following the guidelines of recovery outlined within the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" - also referred to as the “Big Book of AA”. There is now a growing movement the world over to recapture the founders original intent, focusing strictly on what is contained within the “Four Corners” of the Big Book.

The Cuchara "Four Corners Group" will be structured identically as Bill W. and Dr. Bob laid down 90 years ago. There will be no arm chair psychology, no “opinions” about your daily issues, no long (or short) diatribes about “how your day is going.” Only people ACTIVELY working the Twelve Steps of AA will be allowed to share at the meeting, providing their “experience, strength and hope” with the attendees. Newcomers who choose to embark on the miraculous journey of recovery will be paired with a sponsor at their first meeting. Step work will begin immediately, and be completed within a maximum of 3 weeks.

If you would like more information about the meeting or AA, please call (866) 496-0062 and ask to speak to Dani Lynch.